Episode 69

Published on:

11th Aug 2022

The 69th Spectacular! (The Funnest Fiction #44-68)

Well, another year has past and even more ridiculousness have come from your favorite enby goblins themselves, Scottye Moore and Megan Danger. They've solved the untimely murder of one Megan Danger, shown that ain't no rule in a rulebook that says a dog can't win an Oscar and most importantly, they've done the Peter Panda Dance. All that and more in this: The Best of Fun Fiction!

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Fun Fiction: A Fan Fiction Podcast
A show about movies, media and how the Internet ruins it!
Join Scottye Moore and Megan Danger on an adventure into the world of Fan Fiction! Each week, they discuss one of their favorite pieces of media and then we try our best to create some fan fiction about it! From Harry Potter to Supernatural, we'll cover it all in our attempt to make some fan art worth becoming a fan of!
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